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SEAT LEON Sportstourer

If you require even more practicality and fuel efficiency than is offered by the standard estate, you probably should take a look at the All-New SEAT Leon Sportstourer. More space. More range. Even more fun to drive. 

The new SEAT Leon Sportstourer e-HYBRID runs on 100% electric power, switching to petrol only when the battery needs recharging.​ ​The plug-in 85 kW electric engine combines with the 1.4 litre TSI engine to achieve 150 kW of power. Two engines. Stronger together. ​


The SEAT Leon Estate e-HYBRID is a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle or PHEV. Like most hybrids, it can recharge the battery automatically but you can also charge the battery by plugging it in. This means it will use the electric motor first and will only resort to the petrol engine for extra power.

Unlike a pure electric car, the Leon Estate e-HYBRID lets you increase your total range thanks to flexible charging options. Meaning you charge and use the battery when you require it. Saving you money on your daily commute.

SEAT Leon Sportstourer estate


The Leon Sportstourer is not only efficient and stylish it is also incredibly safe for all road users. It currently has a five star Euro NCAP Safety Rating which is the highest safety rating a vehicle can achieve. 

The new Leon Sportstourer shines with a dynamic style of its own with coast-to-coast rear lights one of the standout design features now included. Combine these with full LED headlights at the front. Dynamic blinkers on the side. The SEAT Leon Sportstourer is here to be noticed.

Exterior and interior design is only bettered by its roominess and boot capacity. Big. Comfortable. Ready to take you wherever you’re going. The Sportstourer offers up to 1600 litres of boot space. 


​More connected than ever before, the Leon Sportstourer puts you in the driver's seat more comfortable than anything you have ever driven before. 

Want a fully customised driving experience? Choose how to view your maps, music, route information and driving assistants on a high-definition screen.​

Time to park? Help is at hand. Let your Leon Sportstourer squeeze you in. Use the Rear-View camera to make getting in and out even easier.

Smartphone Battery running low? Stay powered up with a wireless charger. Just put your smartphone in the box on your dashboard and your battery will go on. And on.  

Leon ST Radio
Piece Of Cake SEAT Leon Sportstourer You can't see everything. The Leon Sportstourer sees what you can’t giving you one less thing to worry about.
Leon ST driving on the road
Protection At All Times SEAT Leon Sportstourer Peace of mind is top priority, especially for parents. The SEAT Leon ST provides the technologies to keep you and yours safe.
SEAT Sportstourer Driving
Ready To Drive. SEAT Leon Sportstourer Iconic design, perfect proportions, comfort and spaciousness come as standard.