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SEAT EXS KickScooter

Introducing the smarter and cleaner way to get around. Meet the new 100% electric SEAT EXS KickScooter. Step on. Start up. And start rolling.

Easy to charge and highly durable. All you require is a conventional socket to plug into. The SEAT EXS KickScooter is built to sturdy and robust, designed for frequent, daily use.

Getting Around Made Easy

SEAT EXS KickScooter is the efficient and eco-friendly alternative for your life on the go. Completely environmentally friendly, the SEAT EXS KickScooter is the fun alternative for getting from A to B.

Fully connected with your life on the go, you can manage your scooter directly from your phone with the Ninebot-Segway App available in the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android).

Enjoy a 25 KM reach thanks to the long-lasting battery. While the spritely 12.5kg weight makes it easy to carry and transport during downtime.

Made to Move

Your comfort & safety matters while using the EXS Kickscooter. Front & rear shock absorbers and large, stable tyres keep you feeling relaxed and in control.

The all-in-one LED display shows speed, battery, riding mode and more, while Cruise Control lets you set the speed and relax.

LED front & rear lights help you see and be seen in low light. And with both electrical and mechanical brakes, stopping is safe and easy.

Move Freely. SEAT EXS Kickscooter The eco-friendly alternative for your life on the go
SEAT EXS Kickscooter
Go Anywhere. SEAT EXS Kickscooter In sync and on the move. Your safety and comfort go hand in hand.
Easy Charging. Highly durable SEAT EXS Kickscooter The new way to move around has arrived.