Land Rover Discovery Sport

The Discovery Sport is the pinnacle of its range. It’s able to deliver a stunning experience in every situation, with the sleek design complementing powerful performance and an undeniably smooth ride. With two distinctive body styles, it’s safe to say that the Discovery Sport will change your driving experience forever.

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The Discovery Sport is the definition of freedom. It’s available in two styles, which include the Discovery Sport R-Dynamic, and the Discovery Sport. Both of them further enhance the muscular design that the Land Rover brand is known for, adding a modern edge that brings an elegant athleticism to the look. The interior offers a design that serves both driver and passengers. It’s sleek and spacious with premium accents that include chrome finishes and other customisable options.


The petrol and diesel engines are designed to give you the strength to take on a range of environments, while reducing fuel consumption for a cleaner drive. The Mild Hybrid system harvests energy that would otherwise be lost during deceleration, and redeploys it when it really matters most, providing a smooth ride that is able to exceed every expectation. With all-wheel drive as standard too, off-road adventures are never far away.


The Discovery Sport is able to offer high-tech features such as a 4G WiFi Hotspot, enabling passengers to stream their favourite shows or music, as well as the InControl interface, which helps you to stay informed when you’re out on the road.

A selection of driver assistance aids helps to deliver an optimised, safer experience too, with features such as cruise control and Driver Condition Monitor, which detects signs of fatigue, fitted as standard. Optional Rear Traffic Monitor helps you to reverse safely by detecting pedestrians or obstructions that you may not see.

Discovery Sport Interior
DRIVING DISPLAYS Land Rover Discovery Sport Easy to use digital instrument panel featuring driving information, entertainment and navigation is always easily within reach.
Discovery Sport Off-roading
DRIVER ASSISTANCE Land Rover Discovery Sport Terrain Response 2 enables you to easily access our 70-plus years of expertise, with the vehicle automatically selecting the most appropriate driving mode.
Discovery Sport Interior Space
COMFORT Land Rover Discovery Sport Discovery Sport's cleverly designed interior provides a sense of space that will all you to bring everything that you need.
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