Land Rover Defender

The all-new Land Rover Defender represents 70 years of innovation and improvement; honouring the vehicle’s history for rugged solidity while thoroughly remaining a Defender for the 21st century. With unlimited possibilities, everything about Defender takes your passions to new territories.

Now available in 110 and 90 body styles. Defender 110 pricing starts from €72,090


Featuring Land Rover's toughest materials yet and tested to its very limits. The Land Rover Defender has been designed for optimum durability. In addition to the exhaustive simulation and rig testing, Land Rover have driven the Defender 1.2 Million Kilometres, and completed more than 45,000 individual tests to ensure that it is the toughest Land Rover ever made. Prepared for absolutely anything. This Land Rover Defender is personalised for you.


Capable by nature. The Land Rover Defender can handle extreme terrains and confidently takes you from the urban jungle, to shifting sands and icy environments.​ The Defender has been engineered so you can dream bigger. Push harder. Go above and beyond.​ 

Off -​ Road: All wheel drive, a twin transfer box, Electronic Active Differential and a larger tyre family make the Defender the most capable Land Rover. Ever. 

Geometry: Supreme geometry strengthens the vehicle’s all-terrain capability. Its approach angle is 38 degrees. This is coupled with a break over angle of up to 31 degrees and a departure angle of 40 degrees​

On -Road: As competent on-road as it is off. Enjoy refined comfort with independent front and rear suspension, and a choice of coil suspension, or Electronic Air Suspension with Adaptive Dynamics.​


This Defender is design with undoubted integrity. And unrivaled purpose. Tough, durable and highly functional, Land Rover Defender is a compelling story of emotionally engaging design and engineering integrity. 

Defender’s exterior is without match. Just one look at that reassuringly recognisable silhouette, and you know this is anything but ordinary. Short front and rear overhangs improve its geometry and capability.

An interior with purpose. Defender’s cabin can be customised to suit your demands. Its seat configurations ensure friends and family can travel in comfort thanks to its five, six or 5 + 2 seats design. The addition of a front jump seat means you can accommodate an extra passenger in the front row. When not in use, it can be folded down and acts as an armrest with two cup-holders.

Land Rover Defender


​​Designed. Like no other. Defender is the strongest and most capable vehicle we have ever created. With permanent All Wheel Drive1, twin-speed transfer and a monocoque architecture, it can tackle anything. And everything.​

Land Rover Defender

Defender First Edition

Defender First Edition features 20” Style 5098, 5 spoke, Gloss Sparkle Silver, First Edition badging and a host of other features, such as ClearSight Interior Rear View Mirror and Premium LEDs with Signature DRL.

Land Rover Defender

Defender Commercial (Hard Top)

​​Take everything you need with you in Defender Hard Top. Featuring a fixed full-height loadspace partition, lashing points and lockable underfloor storage area, your gear will be secure whatever the terrain throws at you.​

Land Rover Defender

Defender Plug-In Hybrid

Off-road capabilities are uncompromised and, in some circumstances, enhanced. Land Rover Defender Plug-in Hybrid can cross exactly the same terrains as a petrol or diesel variant and matches their wading depth of 900 mm2.

Land Rover Defender

Defender X-Dynamic

​​Built for the toughest demands. With incredibly durable Robustek ribbon accenting on the seats, Black exposed rear recovery eyes and tough exterior styling.  ​

Land Rover Defender

Defender X

​​Unstoppable. Anywhere. Defender X combines capability with off-road looks, meaning you can go way beyond where you’ve ever gone before. There’s tough. And there's Defender X.​

Land Rover Defender

Room For Everything

Push harder. Go above and beyond. Uncover new territories. Do it your way. New Defender has space for everything you need, no matter where you're going. The interior not only offers space, but ultimate comfort.

Land Rover Defender Interior
Land Rover Defender Boot
Land Rover Defender Boot

Defender Commercial: The Hardworking Defender

From €64,870

Developed by Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations, Defender Hard Top is the contemporary reimagining of a Land Rover legend. Offering customers a commercial vehicle in 110 body design, it combines Defender capability with a vast and flexible load area for ultimate practicality and durability – the toughest and most rugged member of the Defender family.

The Hard Top provides a compelling mix of off-road ability, practicality and cargo space, with an impressive payload of up to 800kg on the 110 Hard Top and a towing capacity of up to 3,500kg with a flexible interior layout. With no second or third-row seats, the Defender 110 Hard Top offers a load area of up to 2,059 litres (1,355 litres for the 90 Hard Top), while the option of the first-row jump seat means it can take up to three occupants in the front – and Land Rover’s ClearSight Rear View camera technology ensures an uncompromised view out the rear of the vehicle at all times.

Defender Commercial in 90 body design is coming soon.

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Land Rover Defender Commercial

Defender Plug-In Hybrid

Say hello to the first ever Land Rover Defender Plug-In Hybrid. The new P400e Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) variant is key to the Defender’s latest enhancements. Available with the 110 body design, it delivers a blend of performance and economy while also being the most capable and durable electrified Land Rover. With unrivalled capability and off-road geometry for a full-sized plug-in hybrid electric 4x4, the P400e is capable of being driven in low range purely in EV mode, bringing a new dimension to adventures in the wild.

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Land Rover Defender PHEV

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Land Rover Defender
All-New Land Rover Defender City
Your Defender Land Rover Defender Greatness comes in all shapes, sizes and body designs.Choose your Land Rover Defender today.
Land Rover Defender
Comfortable Drive Land Rover Defender An interior with purpose. An exterior without match. Your Defender is personalised to you.
Land Rover Defender
Exterior Design Land Rover Defender Defender’s exterior is without match. Its distinctive silhouette instantly demonstrates the vehicle's character.