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Land Rover Genuine Parts

At Spirit Land Rover, we value your vehicle just as much as you do.

That’s why, when you bring your vehicle to our workshop, you can rest assured that our servicing technicians will only ever work with genuine manufacturer parts and components.

Regardless of your Land Rover needs - be they replacement bulbs or wheel replacements - our components are of the highest quality and come backed by a full warranty for added peace of mind.

Land Rover Genuine Alloy Wheels

All Land Rover parts can be relied upon to provide the utmost in quality and long-lasting performance, providing 100% compatibility with your vehicle. This includes our selection of genuine Land Rover alloy wheels.


Land Rover alloy wheels are crafted from an aluminium and silicon alloy to ensure the very best in strength and durability. Each wheel even undergoes an x-ray to check for cracks.


Wheels are subject to a 12-week dynamic corrosion test, and then analysed for resistance to corrosive fluids. Finally, a 1,000-hour salt spray test is conducted.


Alloy wheels are engineered to precise standards and provide safer clearance from other vehicle components to offer exceptional capability on and off-road.


A Pendulum Impact Test simulates curb strikes to analyse the structural behaviour of the wheels and identify areas for optimisation.

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Land Rover Genuine Brakes

At Spirit Land Rover we make sure that your Land Rover is ready to handle whatever is put before you and your vehicle on the road.

Each Land Rover is fitted with Genuine Brake Discs and Pads which are built to survive the world’s most extreme environments. Unrivalled testing ensures that replacement brakes can be relied upon to offer incredible performance every time.

Tested for Performance

Land Rover brakes are subjected to the industry standard AMS Brake Fade test which finds the vehicle accelerating to 60mph before brakes are applied as hard as possible until the vehicle stops. This procedure is completed 12 times.

Land Rover Genuine Exhausts

Land Rover exhausts are designed to withstand temperatures of up to 700-degrees celsius and provide the ultimate balance between power and refinement. Subject to over 1,000 hours of rigorous testing, you can look forward to the utmost in performance.

Land Rover Genuine Oil Filters

Even items as innocuous as an oil filter are afforded stringent testing to ensure the very best performance. Thousands of hours of testing and thousands of miles in extreme conditions work to provide exceptional performance.

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