Land Rover Defender


Land Rover roadside assistance provides complete cover, no matter where in Europe you travel. This 24/7 service provides added peace of mind for your travels and is available to all vehicles still under warranty. To take advantage, contact using the following information:

Local number: 1800 456999

International number: +353 1 6179560

Alternatively, you can press the B-Call button on the left-hand side of the overhead console for more than three seconds. When you call, we‘ll ask for:

  • Your name
  • Your location
  • Your registration number or VIN
  • A brief explanation of the incident
  • A contact telephone number


The benefits of Land Rover roadside assistance are plentiful, with breakdown assistance enabling you to take advantage of repairs on the spot wherever possible. If these are not possible, you will instead be able to benefit from salvage and towing services. Your vehicle will then be towed to a designated authorised repairer.

Secondary benefits

As well as breakdown assistance, replacement transport is available until your car can be returned in working condition. Alternative options depend on local conditions, while the full terms and conditions of the rental organisation will apply.

Taxi: Land Rover Assistance covers the cost of taxi travel to the nearest train station or airport up to a maximum of €200 including VAT.

Rail travel: First class rail travel up to the value of €400 including VAT per person.

Air travel: Up to €700 including VAT per person for scheduled economy/premium economy air travel.

Accommodation: Four or five-star hotel accommodation up to €300 including VAT per person for one night in home country, and up to seven nights overseas.

Additional services

Pick-up/return transport of the repaired vehicle

Choose to have your repaired vehicle transported to your home (or any other location), or collect at the repair centre at a time that is convenient.

Transport of the unrepaired vehicle

Your unrepaired vehicle can be delivered to a designated authorised repair centre or any other location of your choosing.