​Ford Transit Minibus

The Ford Transit Minibus is considered by many to be the very best vehicle of its kind, with many critics having it at number one on its top 10 minibus list.  


The smart-looking Transit Minibus is available in three size combinations that offer a variety of lengths, heights and seating capacities. Take your pick from 11/12, 14/15 and 17/18-seat options – as well as Base and Trend trim levels. Whichever variant you choose, passenger access is made all the more simple by the inclusion of a wide-opening kerbside siding door. Inside, full-size seats provide space and comfort, and a straight aisle makes it easy to get to and from each position. The vehicle can be selected in one of a number of paint finishes. As well as standard-issue Frozen White, there is Shadow Black, Race Red and Deep Impact Blue, among others. 


The vehicle is powered by a 2.2-litre diesel engine (with power outputs of 123bhp or 153bhp). Your engine of choice is paired with six-speed manual transmission and features Auto Start-Stop. This technology conserves fuel whenever the vehicle comes to a temporary stop by switching off the engine until it’s time to move again. During any brief periods of inactivity, power is still issued to other parts of the minibus, such as headlights, air-conditioning and infotainment features.

Technology and safety

The vehicle’s four-speaker stereo comprises an AM/FM radio and CD player. Other standard features include AUX and USB inputs – and Bluetooth connectivity that enables audio streaming and hands-free telephone communication. What’s more, steering wheel-mounted controls allow convenient and safe operation of the Transit Minibus’ infotainment features.

As well as numerous airbags and ISOFIX child-seat anchor points and top tethers (which feature on second-row seats), this accomplished minibus is fitted with a number of driver aids. For instance, Load Adaptive Control helps the vehicle to remain stable at all times, regardless of whether or not passenger positions and/or the luggage bay are full or empty.

Transit Minibus Parking
Comes with smart safety technologies and security systems, all designed to help keep you, your passengers and your vehicle protected. Ford Transit Minibus
Transit Minibus Parked At Night
Designed to transport up to 18 people in comfort and style. Now comes with power side door, multiple power outlets and built-in FordPass Connect modem. Ford Transit Minibus
Transit Minibus Front Seat
The Ford Transit Minibus is built to be comfortable, versatile, reliable, durable and comfortable. For you and your passengers. Ford Transit Minibus