Polestar 2 Exclusive 241 Offers - Save Up To €9,700

Polestar brings you eco-friendly innovation and advanced automotive technology in every model. Join the electric revolution and save up to €9,700 across a selection of pre-configured and ready to deliver Polestar 2 models.

Bold yet understated. Futuristic without being flashy. Every millimetre of Polestar 2 has been designed for pure, progressive performance. From the SmartZone in the front to the signature rear light blade, the exterior exhibits a controlled aesthetic that’s quietly distinctive.

Polestar 2 comes in six metallic exterior colours, carefully selected to highlight even the most minute design features. With its 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating, Polestar 2 builds on decades of groundbreaking safety research and shared engineering knowledge with Volvo Cars.It comes equipped with the latest protective and preventive technology, ready to intervene when needed.

Polestar 2 Range & Engines

Polestar 2 provides three powertrain options, each with an upgraded battery to get even more out of a charge.

Standard Range Single Motor - 478KM
Long Range Single Motor - 551KM
Long Range Dual Motor - 487KM

A car with good handling responds predictably, regardless of the road surface or driving conditions. The Polestar 2 chassis integrates the battery and pairs high torsional stiffness with a low centre of gravity to ensure a responsive, assertive drive.

Polestar 2 Safety

Polestar 2 was the first car to feature a native Android™ Automotive operating system, bringing truly intuitive infotainment to the driving experience. It also features three radar units, five cameras and twelve ultrasonic sensors to monitor its environment, improve safety, and augment the driving experience.

Latest Offer

To ensure a used car meets the highest standard of quality, Polestar technicians meticulously inspect the condition of a pre-owned Polestar using a 111-point checklist. If anything fails to meet Polestar standards during the inspection process, refurbishments are always performed using genuine Polestar parts. We have a number of exclusive promotions on Polestar stock including a saving of up to €9,700 on applicable Polestar 2 models.*


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