What's better: PHEV or EV?

Many of our customers want to make the switch to an electric car but are unsure where to start! More and more, customers are coming to us with questions about electric vehicles. People have range anxiety, questions about charging at home, confusion over grants, and more! Everyone wants to make the right choice but are often overwhelmed by the choice.

The need to cut back on our individual co2 emissions is clear. If you're ready to upgrade your car and move away from traditional engine types, now is a great time.

Fuel economy is on everyone's mind at the minute. The environmental crisis paired with rising petrol and diesel costs is top of mind for many. As the cost of living looks set to rise even further, being able to cut down on weekly fuel costs is more attractive than ever.

As you'll know, with an electric vehicle of any type, your running costs will be lower over time but the initial cost upfront is high. You need to look at your finances and see what will pay off in the long run for you and your family.

But, what is better - a hybrid car or a fully electric vehicle?

Well, Spirit Volvo customers Niall & Taria were asking themselves that very question! They approached our Volvo dealer principal, John Ryan, and asked him for his advice. He told them that it all comes down to their own driving experience. It's impossible to compare a fully electric vehicle (BEV) vs a plug-in hybrid (PHEV), unless you drive both.

We invited the couple to take both vehicles home for an extended test drive to see what SUV suited them best! They test drove our fully electric, compact SUV XC40 Recharge and the plug-in hybrid version XC40.

Watch the video below to see their experience and what they ended up choosing!

Volvo XC40 Recharge