New Ford Focus

The all-new Ford Focus is an agile performer that delivers a comfortable ride in its spacious, smartly upholstered cabin and is now available as a EcoBoost Mild Hybrid.This hybrid powertrain boosts power, maximises efficiency and minimises emissions. And the exterior has been sculpted to create an athletic shape that cuts through the air with ease, improving efficiency even further.

It’s technology that’s so effortless and useful, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.


Looking better than ever, the fourth-generation Focus possesses a purposeful stance, a sleek profile, and strikingly contoured body. Open one of four doors to discover an interior that is larger than was available in the Mark III version, ensuring that there is more space for rear-seated passengers than before. The car comfortably accommodates five passengers while making room for a 375-litre boot, which is approximately 60 litres bigger than what was found in the fourth-generation Focus. With rear seats folded, cargo capacity increases to 1,354 litres. 


With a standard-issue 1.0-litre EcoBoost 125ps petrol engine installed, the Focus manages up to 5.7l/100km and produces CO2 emissions from 128g/km. If you require greater efficiency, opt for a 1.5-litre EcoBlue diesel unit that returns 4.5l-100km and produces emissions as low as 118g/km. This 120ps engine is a great choice for businesses – and families that typically do a lot of driving.

Technology and safety

A six-speaker stereo is issued with entry-level Style trim lines, featuring DAB radio, a colour display screen, AUX and USB ports and Bluetooth connectivity, among other things. Naturally, this family-friendly hatchback boasts a maximum five-star Euro NCAP crash-test rating and a wide range of safety features.

The car comes with a dozen sensors, a trio of radars and a pair of cameras that combine to assist the driver in a number of ways. Newly introduced, for instance, is Evasive Steering Assist (EVA). If ever Autonomous Emergency Braking is unlikely to prevent impact with another vehicle, EVA will kick in, helping you to steer the Focus around the obstacle.

EcoBoost Hybrid Technology

Offering elegant styling, premium materials, generous interior space. The Sophisticated 48-volt mild hybrid technology enables the new Focus 1.0-litre EcoBoost Hybrid to deliver 155 PS of power alongside a 17 per cent fuel efficiency improvement.

It also uses regenerative braking technology, which charges the mild hybrid's battery by capturing energy that’s usually lost when you slow down. This helps increase your fuel economy and reduce emissions.

To be even more efficient, the engine features cylinder deactivation. This shuts off a cylinder when torque demand is low, such as on a motorway. When torque demand increases, the cylinder springs back to life to give you the power you need.

The Focus also offers a 125 PS EcoBoost Hybrid in addition to 1.0-litre EcoBoost, 1.5-litre EcoBoost, 1.5-litre EcoBlue and 2.0-litre EcoBlue engines, in five-door and wagon body styles. These new engines can improve fuel efficiency, are more responsive and are also quieter than ever before.

Ford Focus Interior
Instant Attraction Ford Focus Clean lines, a sleek layout and sophisticated look. The interior of the Focus is more comfortable, spacious and chic than ever before.
Ford Focus Gear Stick
Strikingly Contemporary Ford Focus The Ford Focus comes available with a range of powerful and highly fuel-economical engines, all complemented by 8-speed automatic with a rotary gear shift dial or 6-speed manual transmissions.
Ford Focus Media Player
Intuitive Controls Ford Focus The Focus is built to improve your driving experience in every way with technology that’s so effortless and useful, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.