Reasons To Buy An Electric Vehicle

Thinking of making the switch to an electric or hybrid vehicle? There are many reasons why choosing an electric or hybrid vehicle is great for not only the environment but also your pocket. With more choice than ever across all car manufacturers, it is easy to see why electric vehicle sales for 2020 were up 16% on the previous year.

Making the big switch from diesel or petrol to hybrid or fully electric has become easier. One of the main incentives for car owners being the potential financial benefits associated with choosing to go electric.

Over the lifetime of your car, you will see the savings add up. This is in part due to electric vehicles being cheaper to service, thanks to few moving parts, and cheaper to fuel. With electric vehicle owners potentially saving as much as up to 70% on fuel costs when compared to diesel or petrol drivers.

But there are also several upfront savings that can make the decision to switch more compelling.

  • Annual motor tax for Battery Operated Vehicles (BEV’s) will cost €120 per annum (minimum rate).
  • Annual motor tax for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) will cost €170 per annum (should have CO2 emissions circa 60 g/km or lower, NEDC-2).
  • Both BEV and PHEV drivers benefit from the Low Emissions Vehicle Toll Incentive which is currently due to run until December 31 st, 2022. Under this incentive, BEV drivers will receive a 50% discount and PHEV drivers will receive a 25% discount at tolls in Ireland.

What You Need To Know About Grants

The SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) provides grants for the purchase of fully electric vehicles (also referred to as BEV vehicles) of up to €5,000. The level of the grant amount depends on the list price of the vehicle. Grants for the purchase of Plug-In Petrol Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV vehicles) were previously offered by the SEAI but this grant is no longer available on PHEV vehicles going forward in 2022.

PHEV vehicles are still a great option for a high percentage of drivers, as having the petrol engine as well as the electric driving option gives great flexibility and should address the common concern a number of drivers experience with "Range Anxiety".

The SEAI also offers a grant of €600 to support anyone wishing to purchase and install a home charger unit at their property. This grant is available to customers who purchase either a new or used BEV or PHEV vehicle.

If you are considering making the switch to a BEV or PHEV vehicle now or in the future and have any questions or need guidance on any of the above information please feel free to call one of the Spirit team. They would be delighted to have a chat and talk you through all of the different options available today and advise which vehicle (BEV or PHEV) might suit you and your driving requirements best.

Further information on the SEAI grants available can be found on the below link

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