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You love your Ford and so do we. Use code JAN30 to get €30 off your Ford Service. Just our way of helping you ensure your Ford is performing at its best all year round.

Whether it’s a Ford BlueService tailored to your vehicle, or a Ford Motorcraft Service providing all the essential maintenance and checks that you need. You can rest assured knowing a Ford-trained technician will be on hand to carry out the service.

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What's Included In A Ford Service?

  1. Ford Video Check - Enjoy an expert’s eye view of your vehicle with a Ford Video Check, a free visual report available with all service and repair work sent straight to your phone.
  2. Specialist Systems and Diagnostics Equipment- State-of-the-art equipment designed to ensure quick and accurate fault diagnosis.
  3. Oil & Filter Change - Your oil and oil filter will be changed and replaced annually with every Scheduled Service.
  4. Air filter check - We always check the condition of your air filter during your scheduled service.
  5. Fluid Level Check & top-up - Our expert technicians will ensure your essential fluids are checked and topped up if necessary.
  6. Digital Service Record - All Authorised Dealers can access the Digital Service Record for your vehicle to confirm its service history and Warranty status.

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