All-Electric Ford Mustang Mach Mach-E.

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All-Electric Ford Mustang Mach Mach-E

The Ford Mustang Mach-E embodies the Mustang spirit – from its sleek silhouette and muscular curves to exhilarating drive experiences that offer unique driving dynamics and sound . With the first all-electric member of the Mustang family, Ford harnessed the power of electrification to craft a vehicle that’s as exciting to drive as its predecessors while also delivering a new, uniquely tailored experience. There will also be a Mach-E GT – targeting 0 to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds.

Designed a few blocks away from Henry Ford’s first factory in Detroit and built from the ground up as an all-electric vehicle, Mustang Mach-E delivers the spirited ride and handling of everyone’s favorite pony.

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Stylish, sporty and seductive, the new Ford Mustang Mach E delivers three unique drive experiences – Whisper, Engage and Unbridled – each offering finely tuned driving dynamics packaged with a unique sensory experience.

Features include custom-designed vehicle responsiveness such as sportier steering controls, ambient lighting, sounds tuned for an authentic all-electric experience, and dynamic cluster animations that are tied to driving behavior.

When the vehicle launches, a new all-wheel drive system (eAWD) will be available that can apply torque independently to the front and rear axles to deliver impressive acceleration and improved handling over the rear-wheel drive model.


Using Ford’s new all-electric architecture that places batteries inside the underbody of the vehicle, Ford engineers and designers were able to create a vehicle that’s not only true to Mustang but also maximizes SUV space for five passengers and cargo.

Along with its all-new propulsion system, the Mach-E holds another surprise under its hood: a drainable front trunk storage unit. Providing 4.8 cubic feet of storage space, the front trunk is large enough to comfortably store the equivalent of a carry-on luggage bag.


Making its debut in the Mach-E is the next-generation SYNC communications and entertainment system, a sleek and modern interface that uses machine learning to quickly learn drivers’ preferences and gets even better over time, thanks to advanced over-the-air updates.

As next-generation SYNC evolves to serve customers better over time, Ford has also outfitted the Mach-E with the ability to continuously improve through the delivery of secure over-the-air updates capable of improving vehicle performance, offering maintenance updates, and even adding entirely new features.

Ford Mustang Mach E Interior Seats
All The Space You Need Ford Mustang Mach E The Ford Mustang Mach E comes with a spacious interior, with plenty of room to get comfortable, lets every seat enjoy the open road.
Mustang Mach E Charging
Distinctively Ford. Refreshingly New. Ford Mustang Mach E Save time and money when you leave fuel behind. Mustang Mach-E will have DC high-power charging capability - that means you’ll be able to recharge 58 miles of range in just 10 minutes at a high-power charging station.
Ford Mustang Mach E Exterior Wheel
Clever Protection Ford Mustang Mach E Fitted with an advanced electric dual-motor AWD that raises the game. An electric motor on the front and rear axle enhances performance and helps your Mustang Mach E tackle more challenging driving conditions.
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