New Ford Transit Minibus

The spacious Ford Transit Minibus provides an exceptional all-around experience for both drivers and passengers. Versatile seating configurations allow 11 to 18 people (including the driver) to comfortably zip from A to B, while sophisticated features and technologies ensure every ride is first-class.


The versatile Transit Minibus offers your passengers a superior in-cab experience that adapts to your needs. Able to seat up to 18 depending on your model, it also boasts a formidable gross payload of 854kg to 1328kg, with four trim levels providing increasing levels of technology and comfort. Intuitive interior design means passengers get premium treatment with four-way seat adjustment, rear air conditioning, and ample space to stretch out.


Powered by the reliable Ford Duratorq diesel engine with AdBlue technology, your Transit Minibus beautifully balances power and efficiency, delivering up to 125PS and significantly reducing CO2 and NOx emissions. Rear Wheel Drive offers superior balance and handling, and Power Assisted Steering makes it surprisingly car-like to drive, while Load Adaptive Controls maintain a smooth ride whatever your load. The Minibus is artfully crafted to maximise durability and go for longer without maintenance too – service intervals are set at 50,000 km or two years.

Technology and safety

The Transit Minibus gives your passengers the safest possible ride in first-class comfort. Not only are you supported by technology such as anti-lock brakes and stability control on the road, there are also four emergency exits – a double service side load door, two emergency break glass windows, and a roof escape hatch.

Keep your hands on the wheel with steering wheel mounted audio controls, which enable you to operate the Ford SYNC 3 system easily. Bluetooth functionality means you can chat, play your music, listen to texts, and navigate hands-free, while thoughtful accessories like Xvision parking assistance help you navigate tight spots effortlessly.

Transit Minibus Parking
Comes with smart safety technologies and security systems, all designed to help keep you, your passengers and your vehicle protected. Ford Transit Minibus
Transit Minibus Parked At Night
Designed to transport up to 18 people in comfort and style. Now comes with power side door, multiple power outlets and built-in FordPass Connect modem. Ford Transit Minibus
Transit Minibus Front Seat
The Ford Transit Minibus is built to be comfortable, versatile, reliable, durable and comfortable. For you and your passengers. Ford Transit Minibus