New Electric Volvo EX90 Is Revealed

Volvo EX90 is the latest fully electric Volvo SUV to be revealed. Available in Ireland from early 2024, this SUV offers you and your family everything you could want from a fully electric vehicle.

EX90 joins Volvo's other fully electric vehicles XC40 Recharge & C40. This is the biggest of the three electric models so far and will make the perfect family vehicle.

This vehicle comes with 7 full-sized seats, advanced safety technologies, and up to 600km electric range. The vehicle will take 30 minutes to charge and will update over the airwaves, making life more convenient for the driver. Plus, with ever-advancing infotainment options, this vehicle will keep you entertained wherever you need to go. Apple CarPlay is also built in!

Health and safety are in Volvo's DNA. With lidar and an AI-driven supercomputer standard in the Volvo EX90, together with a robust set of exterior and interior sensors will make the Volvo EX90 reach the highest level of standard safety in a Volvo car.

Other updates to this 7-seat model include the removal of leather. In fact, by 2030, all Volvo vehicles will be 100% leather-free. Unlike other models that have come before, EX90 will not be available as a plug-in hybrid model. This change is in line with Volvo's commitment to be 100% electric by 2030.

Prices are due to start from €117,910. If you are interested in learning more about this model, and keeping up to date on news, contact our sales team.