New Volvo XC40 Recharge

This is the one we've been waiting for. Our customers have loved XC40 from the very start and we have seen so many migrate to a plug-in hybrid. New Volvo XC40 Recharge is the fully electric version of this well-known SUV and we are delighted to say it has arrived.

The XC40 Recharge doesn't force you to choose between power and responsible driving. Discover our full electric compact SUV. It is designed for modern urban living and beyond.

A seamless electric driving experience with intuitive tech and Google built in.


Pure electric range**


~80% charged***





No compromises

The XC40 Recharge doesn’t force you to choose between power and responsible driving. Just take your seat, select a gear and enjoy the comfort of one pedal drive and the impressive strength of twin electric motors and all-wheel drive with zero tailpipe emissions.

Charge on the road

Out traveling, you can fast charge from zero to 80 percent in around 40 minutes.

Charge at home

For convenient charging at home, we recommend installing a charging wallbox device.

Best-in-class navigation

With Google Maps fully integrated in the car and hands-free voice control enabled by Google Assistant, real-time traffic info and automatic rerouting let you reach your destination with less hassle.

Plan charging with ease

With a built in route planner, you can be alerted when to charge before power runs low. It also recommends when and where to charge, helping you enjoy a more relaxed journey.

Always up to date

The XC40 Recharge is designed to start receiving automatic over the air updates in 2021. Once available, you’ll enjoy a car that gets better all the time and is always up to date.

** Range is according to WLTP and EPA driving cycles and real-world range may vary. Figures are based on preliminary target. Final vehicle certification pending.

***Fast charging DC up to 150 kW under optimal charging conditions. Charging times are dependent on factors such as outdoor temperature, current battery temperature, charging equipment, battery condition and car condition.

Smart Storage Data Inside, you’ll discover smart storage solutions for water bottles, gym bags, phones, laptops, take-away food and much more, as well as a front compartment for your charging cables.
Sustainable Materials Data Increasing the use of sustainable materials is just one way the XC40 Recharge helps reduce its environmental impact. For example, the interior carpeting is made entirely from recycled plastic.
Volvo XC40 Fully Electric
Create Your Perfect Space Data Preheat, precool and more – with a simple command, the Volvo Cars app lets you create your own perfect space remotely before you set off.*