​New Volvo V60

The Volvo V60 focuses on purity and it certainly drives with purpose. Projecting confidence right from the get-go, it has a fierce driving style and agile handling, making it the ideal choice for anyone who wants to feel cool and confident while out on the road.


The V60’s proud grille sets the tone, while the sculptured sides emphasise the athletic and charming character of the car. The rear shoulders accentuate its dynamic abilities while the windows communicate the model’s practicality perfectly. The design also means that the V60 is able to let a lot of light into the cabin, which makes the space feel more open and luxurious. The interior is not to be overlooked either, with stylish seats and plenty of legroom for all.


The new Volvo V60 has a lot of driving character. The chassis alone is able to provide you with an exceptional level of control thanks to its double wishbone layout. The V60 also utilises advanced materials throughout, as this reduces the overall weight while also retaining that sporty feel. All in all, the V60 is able to provide you with a high level of control and an experience that is completely catered to you. You can switch between three default settings for the engine, with stability control being a useful and prioritised feature.

Technology and safety

A lot of the features in the V60 can be controlled via the touchscreen, which is designed to reduce distractions while also providing you with bold and clear graphics. This alone makes reading information such as maps and text easier than ever, while also giving you the best possible experience out of every journey.

Known for its safety, Volvo has also incorporated key measures into the V60, with the advanced Pilot Assist system combining several technologies such as Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keep Assist to ensure you stay protected.

v60 Front Grill
Strong Performance Volvo V60 Dynamic and elegant, the V60 is an estate car that projects confidence, and which you will never tire of looking at.
v60 Wing Mirror
Dynamic Elegance Volvo V60 The new V60 offers a choice of drive modes and a chassis that provides exceptional control giving it a dynamic driving character.
v60 Studio Side Profile
Space For Everyone Volvo V60 Practical interior mixed with versatile exterior puts the V60 in a segment class all of it's own. Every element of the V60 is designed to delight.