Jaguar Vehicle Vide Check

Electronic Vehicle Health Check

When your Jaguar is booked in for a service with the team at Spirit Jaguar we understand that sometimes it is difficult to image what work may be required.

Thanks to a comprehensive and complimentary Electronic Vehicle Health Check we have the opportunity to show you.

Taking as little as 15 minutes, this health check will feature a service advisor detailing the findings of the report, highlighting any areas that require further attention.

The report uses a simple traffic light system to help understand the severity of any issues.

Green means no service or maintenance is required, amber means work is advisory, and red highlights work needing immediate action.

For your consideration

The process of filming the health check enables you to review in full both what has been checked and how the inspection has been carried out. Thus, you are able to benefit from complete transparency.

What Happens


Our Jaguar technicians will conduct the Electronic Vehicle Health Check and films any issues, noting them either amber or red.


You will be sent an email linking to the inspection video and detailing the report.


Following time to review, you will be able to determine whether you wish any work to be undertaken.


Any work that is required will be detailed alongside a quotation. Simply authorise this activity or request a call.