Jaguar Genuine Parts

Genuine Parts

Your Jaguar car is an expertly crafted machine designed to provide the utmost in performance and quality. As such, it pays to invest in only the very best maintenance and servicing available, as well as the very best parts and accessories. With Jaguar, you can rest assured that we only ever work with genuine Jaguar parts, which offer long-lasting performance and complete compatibility.

First time fit

Compatibility is key when purchasing any Jaguar components, but you can rest assured our Jaguar Genuine Parts will fit first time and with a minimum of fuss. Own a Jaguar E-PACE, F-PACE, XE, XF, XJ, F-TYPE or I-PACE? Our team will only fit Jaguar Genuine Parts when you book your service with us. Simply contact a member of our parts department today to learn more about those components we have available.

Enjoy the utmost peace of mind that any component provides the highest standards of reliability and durability. Plus, we can fit any parts and accessories for added confidence.

Jaguar Brake Disks
Jaguar Genuine Exhaust
Jaguar Genuine Wheels

Genuine Brakes

Innovation, testing and refinement are what sets our brake discs apart from the competition. Subjected to the most rigorous testing environments - our testing ranges from 50-degree celsius in Death Valley to sub-zero temperatures in northern Sweden - you can rest assured that our discs can be relied upon to deliver incredible performance regardless of the situation.

Genuine Exhausts

The genuine Jaguar exhausts available from Spirit Jaguar are crafted from robust stainless steel and boast the ability to withstand temperatures of up to 700-degrees celsius. As such, you can look forward to incredible performance, while the roar of the engine will be enhanced and is certain to turn heads.

Genuine Wheels & Tyres

Choosing the right wheels for your Jaguar is essential, with the ability to withstand continued use in harsh conditions demanding the best from the available options. With genuine Jaguar wheels, you can rest assured that they have been subject to a punishing 12-week corrosion test and a Pendulum Impact Test to assess the structural composition and durability. There’s even x-ray checks to ensure there are no microscopic cracks or imperfections in any of the available wheels.​​​​

Castrol Oil

As a Jaguar Approved Service Centre, Spirit Jaguar can provide you with the very highest quality engine oil as standard. Castrol oil will suitably lubricate the engine, reducing wear and friction while increasing fuel economy. Only the very best quality engine oil should be used in your Jaguar, with lesser-quality options causing lasting damage.

Jaguar Brake Disks