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Diesel Exhaust Fluid - also known as DEF and AdBlue - is a special fluid designed to be injected into the exhaust system of diesel engines in order to clean the gases being emitted. It is a non-toxic, colourless and odourless liquid that is also non-flammable, and works with innovative Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to reduce the level of nitrogen oxide by up to 90%.

How will I know if my DEF levels are low?

The intelligent performance of your Volvo ensures that you will be alerted to a drop in the level of DEF. A message advising a top-up is required will be displayed. A second amber warning accompanies a message to refill the DEF tank. A third message begins a countdown of distance remaining until the DEF tank is empty and the vehicle won’t start. The final - red - warning icon is displayed and the remaining distance is zero, meaning the vehicle will not start until DEF is added.

Maintaining DEF/AdBlue

Keeping your DEF/AdBlue levels topped up to a suitable level plays an integral role in your vehicle use - not least since you will be unable to start the vehicle without it. To help ensure you are provided with ample notice to top up your level, your Volvo’s message centre will provide a number of warnings and alerts, leaving you plenty of time to schedule a time to refill.


How do I check my DEF/AdBlue level?

Mileage remaining until a refill is required can be viewed at any time through the dashboard message centre. Simply turn on the ignition and press the OK button on the steering wheel to access the Main Menu. Scroll down and select Vehicle Info, then scroll again to highlight Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

How often should I refill my DEF/AdBlue?

You will be provided with numerous alerts and messages advising when you need to refill your AdBlue tank.

What happens if I run out of DEF/AdBlue?

In the event you run out of DEF/AdBlue, your Volvo will be unable to start - this is a requirement of EU6 emissions legislation.

Can I refill the DEF tank myself?

You can. Local Volvo retailers and authorised repairs can sell you the AdBlue suitable for your vehicle and which meets the ISO22241-1 or DIN 70070 standards. Refer to your owner’s handbook on how to access the tank.

Is DEF/AdBlue hazardous?

DEF is a non-hazardous substance. However, you should avoid contact with your body or ingesting.

How should I store DEF/AdBlue?

Your DEF should always be stored in its original container and should not be left in your vehicle.

What is Euro 6?

Euro 6 is a key piece of European Legislation that has been devised to ensure vehicles are more environmentally friendly than ever before, predominantly through limiting the exhaust emissions produced. The legislation dictates how much nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbon gases are permitted per kilometre. Since January 2015, all Volvo models have been developed to meet Euro 6 standards.