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New Volvo XC90

The largest model in Volvo’s prestigious SUV lineup, the new Volvo XC90 is designed for families who require the space and flexibility needed to match their active lifestyle.

XC90 is now also available in Plug-In Hybrid

Explore Plug-In Hybrid here


From first glance it’s clear that the XC90 is family-oriented. A muscular body, high roofline and wide stance hint at the space on offer in the cabin, while an elevated ride height ensures you have a commanding view, whether you’re on the school run or heading off the beaten track. Elegance is added to this bold exterior through chrome accents and a striking, T-shaped lighting signature, which makes the model stand out in urban settings.

Step inside and you’ll find room to seat seven, or up to 1,868 litres of luggage capacity depending on your needs. The uncluttered design provides a streamlined feel, while the use of sustainably sourced and recycled materials delivers premium quality with a reduced environmental impact. 


Providing power is a range of engines designed to impress with their balance of performance and efficiency. Most options employ plug-in or mild hybrid technology, enabling you to enjoy the ride with a clearer conscience. The T8 Twin Engine, for example, offers enough electric-only power to complete short drives with zero emissions, while longer journeys make use of the combustion engine. With all-wheel drive available too, the Volvo XC90 can take you into more challenging environments with energy and determination.

Technology and safety

As a family vehicle, the XC90 has plenty to protect you and your passengers. Standard features include stability and traction controls as well as City Safety, which helps to prevent low-speed collisions. On board, you’ll find a state-of-the-art infotainment system complete with portrait touchscreen display, Bluetooth connectivity and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto integration.

XC90 Driving Mode
You're In Control Volvo XC90 Refined and relaxing, the XC90 offers first-class comfort over long and long distances. All you need to make every journey enjoyable.
XC90 Parked at Peer
Travel In Style Volvo XC90 The XC90 is the epitome of modern Scandinavian design, luxurious Swedish craftsmanship and innovative technology
XC90 Studio Shot
Practically Perfect Volvo XC90 The XC90 has been designed to be practical as well as beautiful. Clean, uncluttered design gives a feeling of calm that helps you relax. The XC90 has been designed to be practical as well as beautiful.