Service Plans

When it comes to your Ford vehicle trust and confidence are essential regarding our services and repairs. Therefore, we have introduced the new Ford Video Check to literally show you, that you are in good hands and will be treated fairly and respectfully by your Ford dealer!

Our promise:

  • The new Ford Video Check documents and explains repair work on two levels:
    • Red Work: Repair work that is recommended to be carried out immediately as it may be illegal and/or unsafe to drive away without the work being carried out. E.g. a bald tyre or a 90% worn brake pad
    • Amber Work: Amber marks out the symptoms that warn you there’s something wrong. It might not need urgent attention right now, but if you don’t watch it closely it may result in a more serious problem. Catch it before it gets worse and you could also save yourself a lot of time and money
  • You can watch the video on any device, at work or in the comfort of your own home
  • With a few clicks, you decide on the repair work to be carried out so you only pay for work, services, and parts that are necessary for you
  • No work will be carried out without your notice and permission.
  • The best thing about it: it’s free, it’s convenient and you are the one who decides!