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New ŠKODA Superb

Sophisticated and refined, the All New ŠKODA Superb is a vehicle that delivers in every respect. From its eye-catching design to its smooth performance, it has no trouble impressing everyone who beholds it.

A car that drives as dynamically as it looks delivering the very best that ŠKODA can offer: top-class engines, high-end comfort functions and the very best safety and range of driver assists.


The ŠKODA Superb epitomises the Czech brands latest design language, combining sporty aesthetics and timeless details to create a look that is more than simply the sum of its parts. With sculpted shapes and fresh, dynamic lines, it’s a model that leaves a lasting impression.

With premium upholstery and ambient lighting, it’s clear from the moment you step inside that the Superb offers a luxurious experience. Everything is crafted for your ultimate comfort, and a generous level of space ensures that passengers – no matter how tall – can relax and stretch out. As the driver, you’ll find everything you need at your fingertips, making for complete control on each journey. 


New generation petrol and diesel engines provide seamless power, delivering up to 206kW while retaining optimum efficiency. Choose the former if you tend to make shorter trips or the latter for long distance driving. Out on the road, the ŠKODA Superb is able to navigate any bend or curve without trouble, staying composed and agile as it progresses. And with supple suspension soaking up bumps, it delivers a smooth, comfortable ride. 

Technology and safety

Every ŠKODA Superb comes well-equipped, ensuring your drive is connected, comfortable and protected. Standard kit includes a radio system with touchscreen and steering wheel controls, dual-zone air conditioning, and cruise control with an adjustable speed limiter, all designed to make travel effortless and enjoyable. Safety comes in the form of a suite of airbags, ISOFIX anchor points and stability control with Multi-Collision Brake, which helps to prevent a pile up in the event of an accident.

Skoda Superb Hatchback


The new SUPERB iV is the perfect flagship model for two worlds. ŠKODA’s first production plug-in hybrid has an all-electric range of up to 62 km in the WLTP cycle and an unrestricted long-distance capability covering a total of up to 930 km. In E-mode, the SUPERB iV provides zero-emission and particularly quiet driving – perfect for busy cities and Irish motorways alike.

The SUPERB iV is the first ŠKODA to have two hearts beating under its bonnet. Depending on the situation and the selected driving mode, these provide drive either individually or as a pair, and combine the benefits of an electric motor and a combustion engine. The electric motor has a power output of 85 kW and, in conjunction with a lithium-ion battery, gives the SUPERB iV an all-electric, and thereby zero-emission, range of up to 62 km in the WLTP cycle. This allows it to complete most daily journeys, even in urban settings such as Dublin, Cork or Galway. As well as long drives around the Irish countryside. 

The SUPERB iV’s 1.4 TSI petrol engine – delivering 115 kW (156 PS) – and 50-litre petrol tank, mean the hybrid drive system, which is available for the Ambition and Style trim levels as well as for the SPORTLINE and L&K variants, also boasts unrestricted long-distance capability. With a fully charged battery and full petrol tank, drivers heading off on a business trip behind the wheel of a company car, or on holiday with their family can thereby cover up to 930 km without any refuelling stops. 

The ŠKODA SUPERB iV advanced plug-in hybrid powertrain combines the best of electric and conventional cars for an eco-friendly yet dynamic drive.​ Ideal for every type of ŠKODA driver. 


​The ŠKODA SUPERB iV features some unique flourishes. The partly enclosed chrome-plate grille creates real presence and subtly incorporates the car’s charging socket. An e-noise generator makes the sound of a conventional engine at speeds of up to 32mph to ensure pedestrians know you’re coming. As a final touch, an exclusive ‘iV’ badge sits on the tailgate.

​Your Drive

The SUPERB iV has three additional driving modes. E-mode operates the car completely electrically for up to 37 miles† (the average daily commute in the UK is 25 miles). Hybrid mode uses both the electric and petrol engines, either together or independently depending on driving conditions. SPORT-mode unleashes the power of the SUPERB iV’s 218PS hybrid drive.


By working together, the SUPERB iV's 13 kWh battery and petrol engine offer a range of up 578 miles. You can charge it with a Mode 2 cable in five hours using a domestic three-pin plug. For a faster charge, the Mode 3 cable will provide 100% charge three and a half hours using a 3.6 kW wallbox. Alternatively, when using the petrol engine the car will recharge the battery using energy created when braking.

Skoda Superb Charging
Always online ŠKODA SUPERB ŠKODA Connect services ensure that information on traffic, parking spots and fuel prices is always up-to-date.
Sit back and relax ŠKODA SUPERB Designed to make you feel rested and relaxed no matter how long your journey.
Superb Charging
Superbly Stylish ŠKODA SUPERB The term “plug-in hybrid” tells us that the SUPERB iV’s battery can be recharged from the mains after connecting a charging cable. A flat battery can be recharged in 3 hours 30 minutes with a 3.6 kW wallbox. Another possibility is to recharge or maintain the level of charge in the battery while driving, using the petrol engine and brake energy recovery.