Vehicle Imagery Taken By Spirit Premium

Selling Your Car

So, you have picked the car you want and have worked with the salesperson to get your preferred features and options. Now all that is left is deciding what to do with your current car.

Great news! There are several options available to you that can help decide what to do to reduce the final price you end up paying for your new or used car.

You can choose to include it as part of your deal with the dealership as a trade in. Alternatively, you can decide to sell your car privately. Or finally you can sell it directly to another dealership, like ourselves, and put that payment towards your final deposit on your future car.

Selling your own car can be as quick and simple as trading it in. Here are three tips from our own car buying team that should help.

Get it ready:

If you have decided to either list your car online or sell it directly to a dealership, like Spirit Motor Group, you will need to have it looking picture perfect. You want the potential buyer to say “I will take it” straight away once they see it. You should have the car washed and vacuumed paying particular attention to any area that needs additional cleaning. Consider getting a professional valet done to help get your car looking pristine.

Create desirability:

An image tells a thousand words or in the case of you selling your car can mean the difference between a quick sale and a car with little or no interest. You need to create a buzz around your car and great imagery will always help with this. Not only will you require car photos if you decide to list the vehicle yourself, you will also need them if you decide to sell to a dealership as they will ask for photos before giving your car an appraisal.

Price accordingly:

There are several factors you need to take into consideration before you settle on a potential value for your car. Your potential buyer will take all of these into consideration, without you even knowing, and could impact on their valuation of your vehicle.

  • Age
  • Mileage
  • Condition
  • Service history
  • Make / model
  • Features
  • Fuel type

Our advice is to include as much information as possible on your listing or interactions with dealerships. This will cut out any time wasting on both sides and ensure you are only speaking to someone who is interested in taking your car off your hands at a price you both agree upon.

Thinking of selling your car yourself? Spirit Motor Group are here to help. Our award-winning team can help you get the best price for your car with our quick and seamless free car valuation service. Offering you instant valuations and same day bank transfers.