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What Ford Transit Chassis Cab will earn you more money?

We all want our businesses to earn more money - make it easier on yourself by choosing the correct Ford Transit Chassis Cab! Choosing the body length that suits you best will enable your business to carry more, and thus make even more money.

Here is the great news - Ford Transit Body lengths range from 8 FT (2435 mm) up to an amazing 16.5 FT (5030 mm). That gives you so much choice and the capacity to carry a range of loads, and we at Spirit Lillis-O'Donnell have a huge selection to choose from.

Choose Transit Body Lengths from:

  • A Curtain Sider Body which allows full access from both sides and the rear
  • A Conventional Box Body with access from the rear and sides if required
  • A Refrigerated Box Body with or without a stand - by facility
  • An Open Back, Dropside or Tipper Body

  • Avail of the new Skeletal Chassis which enables the driver to have full access to the load area from the Cab.

    Choose from:

  • A Camper Conversion Body
  • A Luton Low Floor Body
  • A Parcel Van Body
  • A Special Purposes Vehicle / Ambulance/ Horsebox
  • Ford Cassis Cab Before Body is Fitted
    Ford Cassis Cab Before Body is Fitted

    Who can drive a Ford transit?

    Did you know that with an ordinary car drivers’ license, it is legal to drive a Ford Transit? Once the weight of the vehicle, the driver and the load does not exceed 3.5 tonnes, you can drive one with your ordinary category “B” license. With this license, it is legal and safe to drive a Ford Transit that’s up to 16.5 Ft long – hard to believe, but true!

    Ford offer a choice of carrying one single passenger or up to five others if the Double Cab is selected. A choice of an automatic or manual gearbox, front or rear wheel drive and now even an all-wheel drive combination is available. Engine choices range from 2.0 130 PS up to 170 PS.

    The Ford Transit with its unique selection of body lengths is always best in class. 

    That’s why putting on more weight is guaranteed to make any transit operator happy. Carrying those extra pounds will soon translate into earning more money!

    Ford Transit Box Body
    Inside Ford Transit Curtainside Body
    Ford Transit

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